DAS EWIGE LEBEN - Life Eternal (2015) Full HD izle


Life Eternal-Das ewige Leben-2015
Eski polis Brenner "gurbetten" doğup büyüdüğü şehri Graza geri dönünce kendini eski arkadaşları ile arasındaki trajik bir hikayenin içinde bulacaktır. Brenner returns to Graz, the city where he grew up. When confronted with his old friends, his former girlfriend and the major sin he committed when he was young, murders and a fateful gunshot to the head result. After Brenner comes out of a coma, he begins to search for the person who tried to kill him - however, everybody claims that he himself is responsible. In the beginning Brenner was at the end of his rope, but he could face a new beginning in the end. - Former cop Brenner has to return to his home town where he gets involved in a tragic story between his old friends. -
imdb: 7.5
DAS EWIGE LEBEN - Life Eternal (2015) Full HD izle